EDITOR’S NOTE: An Australian Journey

Being an overseas student has not always been an advantage since the beginning of the masters’ degree. Like other international students, finding stories has been one of the main challenges. Stories can be made of news or follow-ups and they can be found everywhere. Most of my stories have been inspired by local newspapers or studies (“Learning languages: between myth and reality”, “Australia role model”). By also attending exhibitions (“The city of Ladies”) or events (“Vivid in Kings Cross”, “March against Trump and Turnbull”), stories can be written. Yet, I guess coming from an Australian background gives you this little extra: the network.

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The suspense of the French presidential elections is coming to an end and the voters are still hesitating in this final round.

A recent report from the French Think Tank Fondapol revealed that 55 % of French people believed that the media had influenced negatively Marine Le Pen’s campaign whilst 46% believed that it had a positive impact on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign.

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Australia role model

The Australian anti-tobacco cause has had another win – with Waverley council declaring one of Bondi’s most popular street a smoke-free zone.

It is over for smokers and everyday from 7am to 9pm, Hall St is at the heart of this smoking ban initiative. Small signs have been erected in the whole street taking smokers apart: “Breathe easy you’re in a smoke free zone”.

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