The city of ladies


The city of ladies – Zanny Begg & Elise Mcleod

image1vgPicture: MCA Sydney exhibition – credits: Emilie Lauer






What if the world had been ruled by women? Welcome to the city of Ladies.

French feminism takes centre stage at the MCA with seven non-linear films mixing fiction and documentary. Emilie Lauer reports.


France 1402, Christine de Pizan writes the city of ladies a utopian matriarchal world.

France 2017, 600 years later. Paris based Australian film director Elise Mcleod and Film maker Zanny Begg read the book and realise they were facing the same issues today:  misogyny, rape culture and identity problem.

Related to the actuality. Seven famous feminists from different back grounds debate about the society. Among others, the Jacqueline Savage case and the movement “nuit debout”.


This is Zanny Begg

“What was interesting for us about “nuit debout”, is that it is a euphemism, and it is a reinvention of politics from the next generation, from young people and I think that’s really important I think there is a lot of hope in the fact that young are experimenting with    how we do politics”


An actuality across border for Elise McLoed:

“if we are looking at the world at the moment, we all the different elections and the closing of borders, Trump being elected, where it was in some ways a witch hunt after Hilary Clinton partly because she was a woman. So it relates to our story with why are women treated like that, how can they be equal and in power.


Feminism a movement in expansion said Zanny Begg.

“Feminism is just inevitable you can not resist it because women will not accept being treated like certain crosseurs and then we will always argue for justice. “




The city of Ladies, until the 18th of June at the MCA, Emilie Lauer report.


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