Vivid in Kings Cross

Vivid the light and music festival starts today! For the first time the show will take place in Kings Cross. Emilie Lauer reports.

What was Kings Cross like in its heyday? This year Sydney’s visitors and locals can discover the nostalgic Kings Cross. For 23 days, Vivid will inhabit one of Sydney’s oldest neighbourhoods –  telling stories of the lives of its heroes and villains.

An initiative welcomed by locals who are hoping for a renewal of the area.

Grab 1 :

“It will help with the renaissance of the area in terms of its liveability for locals. They profit immediately in the short term and they profit in the long term as people realise that the old Kings Cross with its history of sleaze, crime and murder has given away to a new wider society.”

That was Andrew Woodhouse President of the Kings Cross Heritage Society.

An opinion shared by Tara O’Connell bar manager at the Kings Cross hotel.

Grab 2:

“We are staffed and open for all levels that the Cross used to be back in the days. I hope that it would at least remind Sydney’s siders that the Cross is still vibrant and there is a live music scene and you still can have fun”.

While some of the local shops are hiring more, others are a bit more sceptical.


“I don’t think it will bring back the Cross but maybe people will see it’s not scary up here. And I don’t know what to expect, we haven’t hired anymore people but if it’s busy for the first few nights we’ll definitely put more people on”.

That was Sam Horowitz owner of Thirsty Bird on Bayswater Road.

Locals have the same dream: they want a return to the Kings Cross of yore.


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